UK Taxi Law Requires You To Use a Car Seat?

You need a car seat in a taxi by law

UK Taxi Law Requires You To Use a Car Seat Despite popular belief by the common man – a normal taxi is not exempt from car seat use.  The difference lies in the distinction between a licenced taxi and a public hire vehicle (PHV). Most taxis that pick us up at home when we order aRead more

What You Need to Know: Car Seat Crash Testing [Part 1]

car seat crash testing

When out shopping for car seats you could be forgiven for thinking that “a car seat is a car seat, they have all passed the same testing, surely no one is better than the other one?”. Other than for cosmetic reasons, there is little difference between spending £25 on a car seat and spending sayRead more

And Then There Was i-Size!

I must apologize for not posting too much these days, I have so much I want to write about.  Thinking of it I should really try putting up more drafts when I have time, and then have them publish then and then! hehe It’s just the summer time isn’t it? We don’t have time toRead more