Are we there yet? Fun Travel activities for kids

Are we there yet? Fun Travel activities for kids

Are we there yet? Fun Travel activities for kids


There’s nothing more precious than spending time with your kids. Well, at least until you have to take a long car ride. In a confined space, such as a car, children can become restless and moody. As they look for fun ways to entertain themselves, they can often step over the line between playful and cranky, to borderline annoying. This can be problematic for you; however it can also be dangerous, as energetic kids in a car can disrupt the driver’s concentration. Moreover, if they move around too much, you can also end up in an unpleasant and not so-safe situation. But, kids are not aware of the dangers that come with being too noisy or jumpy in a car. They simply want to have a good time during an uneventful car trip. In order to make this trip enjoyable and safe for them, you can introduce several amusing travel activities for them to play. Keep on reading, and check out some of the best ways to keep kids entertained and calm while you’re on the go.


Pack a drawing kit

pack a drawing kit


Your ordinary notebook and crayons can come in handy, but if you want your kids to have several options without causing too much mess, mini whiteboard and some dry-erase markers are a great way to make a car trip more interesting for your kids. First of all, young kids love to draw. But, even if they get tired of drawing on their own, there are other possibilities when it comes to a mini whiteboard. Pictionary is a great way to pass the time in the car. Starting a drawing and having your kid finish it is also a fun twist on the usual drawing. As they sit safely in their special car seat, kids will definitely behave thanks to these creative activities.


I spy with my little eye

i spy with my little eye


This is an oldie but goodie. The ”I spy” game is always a fun family activity when there simply aren’t too many options available. Since everyone in the car can participate, children will find this game a lot more engaging and amusing. You can stick to the usual “I spy” with objects that can be found in a car, but you can also spice things up a little and play “Guess what” game, where you give some explanations on the mystery object. For example, you can say: “It’s red and round, and Snow White fell asleep after eating it. What is it?” – then your kids can guess what you’re talking about.


Track the scenery

track the scenery


There are many ways that you can make your kids actually enjoy the scenery of the passing nature as you drive along. You can give them the task of counting certain things such as a specific animal, a really big tree, red flower, white car, etc. Every time they spot something, they can use a buzzword to announce their findings. On the other hand, you can make this game even more interesting. Make a pack of cards that feature various objects that can be seen through the car window. Give the cards to your kids and let them have a special treasure hunt. Every time they spot the image on the card, they can claim the card for themselves.


Travel journal

If your kids know how to write, you can ask them to keep a travel journal. They can describe or draw everything that they see in the journal and even timestamp different sceneries and events. What’s more, this is a great way to teach kids about traffic signs. You can ask them to make a note of every traffic sign along the way and guess its meaning, so that you can check their answers later on.


Sing along

sing along


As they rest their head comfortably on their Go Travel pillow, you can invite your kids to a fun sing along. Of course, you might need to sacrifice your own taste in music in order to make this more enjoyable for the children. But as long as you happily sing as a family, this trip will definitely turn out to be more meaningful and engaging, and your kids won’t have the time to feel bored or restless. You can even organise a mini karaoke competition, which will surely seem more special to older kids than plain old sing alongs.

As you’re getting ready for a long car trip with your kids, make sure that you have enough water and tasty snacks in your handbag. If your kids are really young, pack their favorite toys and even blankets as well. Together with some cool car activities, you will be all set for a safe and fun car ride.

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