Black Friday Sales in Halfords!

BLACK FRIDAY is almost here!

And like any other crazy shopper who can’t refuse some great deals I’m delighted to find out that Halfords is holding not only a ‘Black Friday Competition‘ but also they have got some major deals going on!
The competition ends: 22 November 2016 23:59

Every week while we count down to November 25th Halfords will be adding in brand new deals! I don’t know about you but I’ve not finished my Christmas shopping yet – so I am def. going to take advantage of this.


Black Friday Sales in Halfords!
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Black Friday Deals 2016

Friday Fever is well underway; it might be cold outside, but we’re counting down to some of our hottest offers with our magnificent Countdown Deals. Each week we’ll be adding in brand new deals, making this the perfect time to get ahead on your Christmas shopping. And this is only the start; don’t forget to come back for the main event on 25th November!
-Halfords –

halfords black friday deals page



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As an added bonus the ‘Safer Seat Campaign’ is still ongoing!

This means that on top of the Black Friday deals – you have a chance to also get 20% off a high back booster when you turn in your booster cushion! I wrote a post about it HERE if you want to know more about this arrangement.

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What is on your Christmas list from Halfords this year? I’ve been looking at the scooters because my daughter needs a new one. The wheel on her current one keeps falling off.
And my oldest son needs one – or a bike… I haven’t decided yet! hehe

I better make up my mind semi fast though as time is running out soon!

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