Halfords is participating in the #saferseat campaign!

You get 20% OFF ALL HIGH BACK BOOSTERS when you turn in your Booster cushion! #binthebooster now! And make your child safer with a HBB which adds side impact protection for body and head as well as offering support while they are sleeping!

Please be aware that boosters are for big kids and are not suitable for children under the age of 4. If your child weighs more than 40lbs and is under 4 years old he will be safer harnessed than he is with seat belt! Don’t be discouraged – there are options for high percentile pre-schoolers. You need a car seat that harnesses to 25kg/55lbs.




The current law requires children to travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall or 12 years old – but it’s highly recommended by all major safety organisations that they use a belt positioning booster until they are 150cm tall!!


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My personal YES List:

In no certain order.
These high back boosters are those I deem as my own choices for my own kids based on their crash test data.
They are from the stock available online from Halfords during this campaign.


  • Britax Romer KIDFIX XP SICT Booster Seat

    Britax Rømer KIDFIX XP SICT £155

  • image of Britax Romer KIDFIX XP Booster Seat

    Britax Rømer KIDFIX XP £135

  • Britax Romer KIDFIX SL Booster Seat

    Britax Romer KIDFIX SL £90


  • Maxi Cosi RodiFix Air Protect Booster Seat

    Maxi Cosi RodiFix Air Protect £179.99

  • Maxi Cosi Rodi Air Protect Booster Seat

    Maxi Cosi Rodi Air Protect £125

  • Joie Trillo 2/3 LX Inkwell Car Seat

    Joie Trillo LX £53.36

  • Recaro Monza Nova 2 High Back Booster Seat with SeatFix - Pink

    Recaro Monza Nova 2 with SeatFix £159.99

  • Joie Trillo 2/3 Car Seat

    Joie Trillo £40

  • Cybex Solution X-Fix Pure Black Child Car Seat

    Cybex Solution X-Fix £145


My NO List:

In no certain order.
These high back boosters are those I deem unfit, seats I would never recommend based on their own crash test data.
They are from the stock available online from Halfords during this campaign.

  • Graco Logico L High Back Booster Seat Jet

    Graco Logico L £49.99

  • Graco Logico L Sport High Back Booster Seat - Pink

    Graco Logico L Sport £49.99


Still not sure if you want to switch over to a high back booster?

Then you should watch these videos showing actual car seat crash testing being done! And take a look at the huge difference between using just a cushion – and using a full HBB.

[…] Jan James, CEO of Good Egg Safety, which provides safety advice for families in the UK comments:
“We welcome this powerful footage from Britax which really drives home the dangers of booster cushions. What makes this so poignant is the fact that when using these, parents are at least trying to protect their children by lifting them up to ensure a better fit of seat belt, not realising that their child is still in significant danger in an impact. The nerves in the neck don’t stretch well and a collision which throws the head forward with the force demonstrated here could potentially result in catastrophic injuries to their child as a result. Good Egg Safety highly recommends the use of a high back booster for that extra vital protection. As witnessed here; it will really make the difference.” [..]  *Britax website

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Research Data:


Other Articles:


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*This post is not associated with or sponsored by Halfords.* 

Have I changed your views on booster cushions by providing you with these facts and research data? Will you be changing in your booster cushion for the safer choice?


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Therese has completed the ‘Advanced Child Car Seat Training Course’ at TRL (Transport Research Lab) and is a CPD accredited car seat expert. She blogs about in-car safety, car seats, tips, reviews, give-aways and advice. She’s a mum on a mission to change the law and raise awareness. She is also a breast feeding advocate and gentle parenting promoter who loves cloth nappies, baby-wearing, BLW and co-sleeping/bed-sharing.

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  1. I’m not sure how I haven’t come across your blog sooner. Car seat shopping is my biggest nightmare with three under 5. So glad these sort of offers are on. Affordable safe seats are so vital! #KCACOLS

  2. This is really useful for me at the moment as we are about to change cars and car seats, and I want to choose wisely. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again on Sunday 2nd Oct x

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