There Is A New Car Seat Law On The Way?

A couple of weeks ago I opened my email and was pleasantly surprised to find a small article published on the Nursery Today website regarding the new car seat law confusion.
What made me all giddy though was reading that there is going to be an open seminar discussing all this! And we will of course be attending – I hope as many of you will also attend as it’s such an important subject and we are promised FAQs and open dialogue so I think it’s going to be great!

bpalogoThe Baby Products Association will be holding a free seminar in central London on Thursday 6th October 2016 to explain the regulatory frame-work for child restraints in-depth and urges anyone in the industry with an interest in the subject to attend.

Another thing I believe will be one of the topics is the new suggestion to amend the current law on booster cushions (LBB). Currently quoted:


So! Will you be going to London in October for the seminar?



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