How To Correctly Tighten Your Child’s Car Seat Harness

How To Correctly Tighten Your Childs Car Seat Harness

One of the most common errors with car seats is that the harness is not correctly fitted on the child.

An incorrectly fitted harness is a serious mistake – and it will make the car seat unable to do its job properly.  It doesn’t matter if your car seat is rear or forward facing, the harness must be correctly placed on the child’s body.

A correctly tightened harness is:

  • Snug on your child’s body
  • Not loose: you can not pinch any slack
  • Flat against the body with no twists in the harness
  • The correct height: AT or BELOW for rear facing. AT or ABOVE for forward facing


I have made a short video explaining how to correctly and easily tighten the harness which you can watch below.


I hope this was of use to you!

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