How To Manually Check Your Car Seat Recline Angle


How To Manually Check Your Car Seat Recline Angle!

Continuing the #Tipoftheday Series that we have – today we bring you two apps for checking your car seat’s angle manually.

This is especially good if you have an infant seat not on a base – even if it’s on a base and your base is adjustable, or for example on seats where you try to increase recline manually like the Britax Two Way Elite.

It’s also superb to use these apps to make sure that you have not over reclined your car seat during the install.

Infant seats should have a maximum of a 45 degree angle and toddler/preschool (Group 1 & Group 1/2 harnessed) seats should not exceed 37 degrees.

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How to find CRS Recline manually


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