i-Size and The Law

What is i-Size? i-Size is a new European-wide standard designed to increase the safety of child car seats. When was it introduced? i-Size was introduced in Europe in July 2013 and is running alongside the current regulation R44.04. My car seat conforms to the previous regulation R44.04. Must I upgrade to i-Size? No, i-Size doesRead more

There Is A New Car Seat Law On The Way?

A couple of weeks ago I opened my email and was pleasantly surprised to find a small article published on the Nursery Today website regarding the new car seat law confusion. What made me all giddy though was reading that there is going to be an open seminar discussing all this! And we will ofRead more

ADAC Report For 2016

  It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to wreck my brain at Google Translate because my German is really really bad! But who cares right – because this is important stuff.  The results for 2016 ADAC child car seat crash testing are in and I must say I am actually very happyRead more

Extended Rear Facing Car Seats & Prices

             Minikid – RF 25kg – Belt- £295          Kidzone – RF 25kg/FF 18kg – Belt – £325          Duoplus – RF 25kg/FF 18kg – Belt and Isofix – £365        Dual Fix – RF 18kg – Isofix – £350    Read more

Joie I-Anchor – The Review!

Not that long ago now I approached Joie Baby by email because I really really wanted to become one of their “Ambassadors”. I was super happy when I got an answer back stating they would be happy to work with me and let me review one of their car seats! The seat I was sentRead more

News! iSize from BeSafe themselves

I thought this was a good and at the same way cute way of explaining i-Size in a fast way. With new legislations it can be a bit confusing when all we know is the old ECE R44.04. BeSafe has made this to help all of us. Please remember that when you buy a seatRead more

The BeSafe i-Size is here soon!

    It’s all most here! Due to be released in June! (May 15th in Scandinavia) The BeSafe iZi Kid i-Size! (Make note of the clothing the children are wearing in a typical Norwegian winter. And how they are undressed before being strapped in! And what they are wearing in the seats. This is *important*Read more

And Then There Was i-Size!

I must apologize for not posting too much these days, I have so much I want to write about.  Thinking of it I should really try putting up more drafts when I have time, and then have them publish then and then! hehe It’s just the summer time isn’t it? We don’t have time toRead more