My ovaries can’t handle it…



Yesterday was an emotional day for me! My youngest little boy, the baby of the family, the little rugrat who came like a rocket when he was born (1h 45min from start to finish! ) – has now turned 4 years old… I’m a mess!! he he

I’ve been spending time reminiscing old photos, video clips and memories…it’s safe to say the handkerchief had to come out (a lot).

Where does the time go?!



My little baby!…who…is not so little any more! He spends most days telling everyone “I’m growing up mamma”. *sniff* :’)

And if he’s sister teases him and calls him a ‘baby’ he’s in tears – because doesn’t she know that he’s big now?

But no matter how big – the safest place in the world is still in mamma’s loving arms and in the middle of the bed. After all it’s safety in numbers… right?





He’s a super duper Thomas fan and since he’s now 4 we decided that he was indeed old enough to move over to the Trackmaster sets, which is the automatic trains on plastic rails. But fear not – we still very much have the good ole wooden ones and have tons of Thomas & Friends for that as well.
Now I just need to get the storage room sorted so we can make it into a play room with all this train track! I need a play table to put it on…



It’s no secret that he’s favourite song is “Accidents happen” haha.

Happy birthday Henry…we love you more than all the stars in the night sky…





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Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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