Happy Birthday Caitiebelle! :)

On the 13th of January 2012, it was decided that Caitlyn Anabelle had to come out with an emergency C-Section. She was then 34W gestation and we had been in the hospital for 12 days. The whole pregnancy with Caitiebelle was really hard. I was quite ill with a condition called ‘Hyperemesis Gravidarum’ (HG) whichRead more

Yesterday was a BIG Milestone for us!

Yesterday was a very big milestone for our family. Not only did the little baby of the family (Henry!) turn 3 years old, but it was also Caitiebelle’s first day of “big” school! She started her reception year, Henry had a birthday and to top it up completely – daddy broke his foot… well probably justRead more

I Breastfeed a 2-Year-Old.


Now that’s one of the best conversation starters I have ever done! “I breast feed a 2-year-old”… hehe. It’s not as uncommon as some think, there’s actually quite many of us but it’s not something you see a lot of publicly which is a shame. I think a lot of people are a little scaredRead more