Exclusive Guide to Rotating ERF Car Seats

Guide to Rotating ERF Seats


We recommend rear facing to at least 4 years old (preferably more!) and harnessing to at least 4 years old (even if forward facing), so if your child is on the upper percentiles for weight or height, we’d recommend getting a car seat that rear faces to 25kg as they will better accommodate a larger percentile child.


Rotating Extended Rear Facing Car Seats on the UK Market


Model Name
RRP in £
Britax Dualfix£400
Dualfix iSize Coming soon>£(?)
Cozy 'n SafeMerlin£349.99
CybexSironaSmallest car seat shell on the market£375
Sirona Q iSizei-Size car seat.
Pretty much a replica of the Sirona only iSize.
Sirona S iSizei-Size car seat.
Coming soon.
JoieSpin 360Tallest harness height £250
NunaRebl Plusi-Size car seat£395
RecaroZero 1i-Size car seat£399
Zero 1 Elitei-Size car seat.
Comes with infant car seat.
Good Baby (GB)Vaya iSizei-Size car seat. £375


Q: Why is the Maxi Cosi Axissfix not on here?

A: The Maxi-Cosi Axissfix can only be used rear-facing until the child is 87cm tall, which is around age 2 for most children, and therefore we don’t recommend it unless the child is on the lower centiles for height and would last to at least age 4 in it.


Bear in mind that rotating car seats are often not very tall, and can be outgrown early by height even though they all have a weight limit of 18kg to 19.5kg.

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More seats will be added as and when they become available.






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