Yesterday was a BIG Milestone for us!

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Yesterday was a very big milestone for our family. Not only did the little baby of the family (Henry!) turn 3 years old, but it was also Caitiebelle’s first day of “big” school! She started her reception year, Henry had a birthday and to top it up completely – daddy broke his foot… well probably just the toe, but his whole foot looks 3 times the size on the side.
Safe to say it’s been a very exciting day! He’s OK though – Daddy I mean, the kids are over the moon, especially when Daddy is yelping out in sudden agony because a small foot decided to run and collide with his…accidentally step on his…investigate his…or just plainly see what it is that makes Daddy yelp.  
I do feel sorry for him though, it’s not nice to be in pain but sadly there’s not much they can do with a broken toe.

Caitlyn loves school. Which is really nice, I hope she keeps loving it up through uni! Maybe we’ll have ourselves a small genius on our hands. :p She does have a remarkable memory though, so much that we are starting to notice it, she cites books after hearing the story once, she sings after hearing a song once…. list goes on and she also remembers events from when she was smaller and every day sort of things, it’s really starting to become noticeable, so it’s quite interesting, I often find my self wondering how much of a good thing this is but I have come to the conclusion that having a very good memory is not a bad thing for her personally – at least not in relation to school, but it could be difficult I guess if she does remember too many things you know, some things I think are good to not remember, but we’ll just take it as it comes I think. I’m not saying she’s a genius or anything, just that she’s got a notable memory and that we do notice it as being something special about her.

She is a smart child though, all three of my kids are, which has its major benefits but also some let downs for a parent haha.


As said previously Caitiebelle had her first day of school so I wanted to share some photos we took yesterday. 

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We were very lucky with the weather! In the morning I was not too hopeful as it was quite over cast and a little windy, the temperature wasn’t that great either but as the morning turned into afternoon it became quite warm I think we had about 20-22 degrees which is lovely for September.

Caitlyn is in the afternoon class. They have half day until October, then they start full days which is from 08:50 -15:10, quite a long day, but they do have an extended school lunch and also their classroom and play areas are very nice. It looks more like a pre-school setting in a nursery than it looks like a school setting, which I think is lovely and important.

I don’t know if you have noticed but I have purposely turned her book bag around so that her school logo and name is not showing. I also took off her cardigan which has her logo and name on. This is really important and something to think about when you post online. The school logo and name makes your child identifiable to a specific location some times depending on schools, and that’s not something you want to share to the WWW. So for your child’s protection, please take that into account when posting your school photos.
I don’t think a lot of parents really think about it, so I see FB flooded with beautiful pictures of kids in both groups and profiles and most of the time it will take me 5 min. to find out where they live, which is not really something I think most parents want. I thought I would just throw that in there. I know for a lot of people just having a blog that you post photos on is deemed as irresponsible but to me showing the WWW where my kids go to school, would be worse.

I hope you also have had a good start with the schools! It is quite hectic isn’t it the first few weeks! haha
I’m still getting used to the thought that she actually goes to school now……every  day…wow…. *sniff*

After a long day, they went to bed without a fuss and was asleep within 1o min. of us finishing the 2 bedtime books. It’s hard being small on big adventures. 


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